Yachts become more and more equipped with advanced technical components. The owners manual is the document where you can explain to the owners how to use their yacht in a proper and safe way. By giving them the necessary knowledge possible failures by wrong use may be prevented. Specially during the warranty period this can result in much less discussions between the boat builder and the owners. At the end we all like to have happy clients.

The special developed owners manual ISO 10240 standard gives instructions for writing this document. Beside minimum required information, this standard also give safety information and warnings for a safe and proper use of the yacht.

Writing an owners manual for a yacht starts with a clear overview of the contents as this forms the basis of the document. When a clear structure has been made you can start with filling in the chapters with the applicable information.

During writing the manual you should think like you are the user of the boat. So what kind of information is important for the user to know for a proper operation of the boat. Also you should think about if wrong operation can result in dangerous situations. If this is the case it is recommended to explain this to the owners.

Although sometimes things might be very clear for you as a boatbuilder, we still recommend to mention dangerous situations in the manual. For example, we all know that electrical cables and water are very dangerous. But how often does it happen that we first remove the shore power cable from the boat and after this from the shore station. What will happen with the swimming kid around the boat when the cable falls by accident in the water.

In the next webpages on this website we provide you with more tips and recommendations for completing a the owners manual. For the manufacturers who are too busy with building boats we have developed an Owners Manual template. Which compiles the CE required owners manual within a couple of hours.

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