Nowadays product liability becomes more and more important.

Product liability refers to the manufacturer being held legally responsible for placing products on the market. The operation of a yacht can result in dangerous situations, especially when the yacht is used in the wrong way. When consumer health and safety are at risk or consumers have suffered injury or death as a result of a u product defect or wrong use, then product liability becomes an expensive expense in addition to damaging the company’s reputation.

The owners manual is the document where the manufacturer can give the consumer the right instructions for a proper use of the yacht. Also we recommend to add warnings in the manual to prevent any dangerous situation.

This are all safety aspects. But you can also think about giving instructions or warnings in the manual related to expensive damages when using the yacht in the wrong way. Specially during the warranty period of the yacht this document might be of help to prevent any discussions between the user and manufacturer of the yacht.

In this way the operation manual can be an important document to cover a manufacturer for product liability.

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