Wijma Marine Consultants provide structural verification calculations according to the harmonized standards of ISO 12215 or other acceptable scantling methods. The recreational craft directive (CE) requires the producer to show compliance with the structural requirements by calculations or tests.

How we work:
Together with the client we will discuss what kind of calculations or tests are applicable to their products.

We will provide a list of needed information (e.g. main dimensions, structural drawings and used materials (laminate schedules, metal alloys or type of wood).

Inhouse software:
For our structural calculations we have the following software inhouse:

  • Hullscant software based on ISO 12215-5 developed by the Wolfson University in Southampton.
  • Lloyds Register SSC software.
  • Multiframe beam Finite Element software.

We will report the results of the calculations in such a way that the notified body can perform an efficient inspection. Most of the time we submit the technical documentation for assessment and no comments or additional calculations are required by the inspection bureaus.

It is our aim to support the yacht building industry in an efficient way by keeping quality in mind.

Please feel free to contact to discuss the structural design services more in detail.

For multihull Global Load calculations, please follow this link.

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