Together with the clients we can setup an online Technical Construction File. During 4 online sessions we can bring the boatbuilder into the world of CE. Resulting in a CE compliant TCF with the focus on building boats and not producing papers.


We believe in storing your files on a web cloud based server, making it possible to share the TCF with your notified body, designers and subcontractors. We prefer to keep things simple, so a folder structure can do the job. Using revisions of your files ensures that users understand which documents are the latest version.

 For the boat builders who would like to understand which documents are required in the Technical Construction File we can guide them through the requirements. We will explain how the Recreational Craft Directive has to be used without getting lost into the legal texts of this document. Further we will introduce you in the requirements of the ISO standards.  

  • Session 1: General explanation about the Recreational Craft        Directive + Introduction in the Technical Construction file
  • Session 2: Completing the file with the Structural and Stability required documents
  • Session 3: Completing the file with the safety related requirements
  • Session 4: Completing the file with the installation / system requirements.

It is our aim to support the yacht building industry in an efficient way by keeping quality in mind. For any questions regarding the Technical Construction File services, please feel free to contact.

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